If there’s anything we have learned in the past year, it’s three things: (1) start, (2) learn, (3) persevere.

These learnings apply just as much to us, as they do to the children we look forward to welcoming to Redwood Campus this year. It’s been an immense faith journey this past year, and we are excited and grateful to run our second summer camp in 2020!

When I returned to the UK (the land of my birth) for secondary school, having spent ages 6-13 in Ghana, I was thrust into an environment I wasn’t ready for, and that wasn’t ready for me. I was book-smart, but lacked the practical and applicable skills of my new classmates. The plethora of equipment and tools across all subjects, that they were so confident in using; and that was not available in Ghana, were alien to me. My teachers did not understand that my learning journey had been different, and became increasingly – and vocally – frustrated with me. They failed to realise that although I was the same age as my classmates, my exposure and experiences were different. Coupled with my classmates ridiculing me, my confidence began to suffer and ultimately, my grades did too. A careful and thoughtful induction no doubt, would have solved this.

This experience is pivotal to why we designed bespoke learning programmes for African children at Redwood Campus. We believe that African children must receive world-class, practical exposure with science, technology, art and soft skills, in order to be confident, and compete in an increasingly global village. Critically, we believe that they should do this together, so they can discover new things and make mistakes alongside their peers in a comfortable environment. Our 11-14 year old students had a great time doing this last year!

Our new university preparation course for 15-17-year-olds prepares students for the academic rigour of both A-Level and university. The huge jump in difficulty after IGCSEs often leaves children unprepared and unsettled. We focus on a lot of other stuff, all aimed at helping older children live responsibly and independently.

We look forward to welcoming you to Redwood Campus. Book a place today!