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Terms and conditions: Please read the following information carefully


A non-refundable £500 deposit is required upon booking to secure your child’s place on Redwood Campus. £2500 of the remaining fee is due for payment by 30 April 2020 and the final £1200 of the fee is due for payment by 1 June 2020. Payment can be made by bank transfer to the account details given on this booking form and on your invoice. Fees must be paid in full before the start of summer camp. Students who have not paid their fees in full will not be allowed to join Redwood Campus.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations for students will be accepted if received two months prior to the start of the summer camp, although will be subject to the 25% non-refundable deposit. After this time no refunds will be made. No refunds will be provided where Redwood Universal Ltd excludes a student from Redwood Campus because of a failure on the part of the parent/guardian to provide proof of health insurance, travel insurance, immunisation and general health record. Redwood Universal Ltd reserves the right to cancel programmes at any time, without liability, in which case all programme fees will be refunded in full. However, Redwood Universal Ltd cannot be held liable for any other expenses incurred by parents/guardians or their companies due to the cancellation.

Change of attendee

A change of student will be permitted wherever possible, though a new booking form and required documentation must be completed and submitted

Change of advertised details

Redwood Universal Limited reserves the right to change the venue/speakers/presentations at any time with or without notice.

Use of event documentation

All presentations and event documentation shall be subject to copyright law. Rights to their use may only be transferred through express written consent. Participants shall not be permitted to copy licensed materials distributed for informational, educational or training purposes. Licensed materials shall include computer programmes and/or other licensed data (or databases) in machine-readable form, as well as their accompanying documentation.

Views and opinions

The views and opinions of programme tutors, students and chaperones are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Redwood Universal Ltd.


The programme material provided by Redwood Universal Ltd cannot be utilised for the purposes of legal representation, and neither Redwood Universal Ltd, its trainers or employees can accept responsibility for the actions of persons interpreting or acting upon material in litigation. Redwood Universal Ltd does not accept responsibility for any injury or loss as a result of relying on the programme material.

Medical conditions

Parents/guardians warrant that students are in good health at the time of booking. Student’s health: The parent/guardian warrants that the student is in good physical and mental health and is not travelling against the advice of a medical doctor. The parent/guardian agrees to inform Redwood Universal Ltd if the student suffers from any pre-existing medical condition, medical condition, disability, allergies, or behavioural or emotional disorders. Medication: The parent/guardian agrees that any medication brought to Redwood Campus by the student, will be given to the Welfare Officer on arrival. Redwood shall only accept responsibility for medicines which are licensed for use and prescribed by a doctor; and which are accompanied by English translations. Such medication shall be properly stored and administered by the Welfare Officer, or by any person expressly appointed to administer medicines by Redwood Campus. Illness and injury: In the case of illness or injury, the student will inform the Welfare Officer who will assess their condition. In cases of minor illness, such as a cold, headache or sore throat, the Welfare Officer or any other person expressly appointed to administer medicines by Redwood Campus. Common non-prescribed medicines such as Paracetamol, throat lozenges or cough syrup may be administered. If the Welfare Officer considers that a doctor’s visit is necessary, an appointment will be made with a local GP. If the student requires urgent medical attention, Redwood Universal Ltd will take the student to the nearest hospital for immediate care, or if necessary, phone for an ambulance. Permission to treat: The parent/guardian authorises Redwood Universal Ltd to consent on their behalf, to the student receiving emergency medical treatment including blood transfusions, general anaesthetic and operations where certified by an appropriately qualified person as necessary for the student’s welfare, and if the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in time. Where parents/guardians want a certificate from the GP or hospital, parents/guardians are expected to pay the upfront cost for this. Redwood Universal Limited reserves the right to exclude a student from a programme if necessary.


Children from non-EU countries are not entitled to free healthcare or emergency care in the UK and will, therefore, have to pay a fee for these services. Each student must have both travel and health insurance to cover these costs. Some GPs demand upfront payment for consultation services. The parent/guardian must also provide the equivalent of £100 as part of their child/children’s pocket money, to cover the cost of any GP consultation. Students will not be permitted onto Redwood Campus without proof of insurance. No refunds will be provided in this instance.

Permission to participate

The parent/guardian agree to the participation of their child in all activities and programmes at Redwood Campus.

Lost property

Personal property accountability is the responsibility of every student. We encourage students to take care of their personal property. Redwood Universal Limited is not responsible or liable directly or indirectly for any damage or loss of personal property.

Privacy policy

Redwood Universal Ltd does not disclose customers’ information to third parties unless we are required to by law. All personal information received by Redwood Universal Ltd is securely stored. The information you provide may be used to keep you updated of other products, services and events unless you notify us otherwise; to opt out please send an email to: subject ‘Opt Out’. This does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

Use of pupils image

From time to time, Redwood Universal Ltd will engage in collecting materials for marketing purposes. This may entail taking pictures, capturing teaching and learning on video, which will then be used for our digital and print media and publicity materials. Unless we have an express wish from parents/guardians in writing that they withhold permission from us to take/use any images of their child for these purposes, then we reserve the right to use all such images for the purposes expressed.

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