Getting There


We offer all parents visa assistance and advice. As soon as your deposit is paid, we will connect you with our experts, who will assess your current status and provide you with the relevant advice. We encourage all parents to start this process at least three months early, to allow enough time for any kinks to be ironed out!
Parents are responsible for travel arrangements and getting their children to our chaperones who will be at Heathrow Airport to collect children on 12 July 2020. Our chaperones will then transport the children safely to Kingham Hill School. Please note that there is a single pick-up time for this. If parents wish to make their own plans outside of this arrangement, full directions to Kingham Hill School will be provided.

Children travelling alone

International airlines have unaccompanied minor services for children travelling alone. Please contact your choice of airline to understand what works best for your family. It is imperative that you ask about your documentation the airlines require, to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your children.