Message To Parents

Dear Parents,

Thanks for visiting our site! Our family is proud to journey with you to help your children become equipped to lead purpose-driven lives.

Our community is becoming globally connected. This means more competition for the best opportunities that are available. Our children must be ready and equipped with the right skills, if they are to have rewarding lifestyles and careers, and to make a positive contribution to their families and the world around them. Redwood Universal is founded on the principle that children have been created to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for them to do. Our job, is to be part of the support system, helping them chart the right plan to achieve their full potential.

Academic results on their own, are no longer enough to gain children access to the best schools and universities. Increasingly, these institutions look for children who have strong competencies in essential life skills. We have designed a range of learning programmes to help the children master these skills. It’s important that they start early, so these skills become second nature to them. Please visit our programmes page to find out more! As a parent I understand that each child is unique. We want children to understand that there are great and rewarding careers available to them whatever their skills and passions may be. We also focus on helping them get excited about STEAM, because there are a variety of creative and traditional career options available. Armed with this understanding, we hope they approach STEAM subjects with renewed interest and vigour. This is especially important since STEAM is key to unlocking global development.

I encourage you to get your children enrolled early onto our programmes. They are never too young to start, and practice makes perfect.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Founder and Director