This document outlines our terms and conditions upon which a place would be offered to your child following completion of the enrolment form. Please take your time and carefully read these terms and conditions before submitting your enrolment form to us. Once you accept our place offer for your child, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which is governed by the law of England and Wales.

Who we are

Redwood Campus ‘virtual’ edition (the “programme”) is provided by Redwood Universal Limited (”We” and “Us”). We are a private limited company registered in October 2017 in England and Wales under company number 11034732. Our registered address is at Kemp House 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX.

Our Tutors are qualified and experienced to provide the programme to children and our students typically range between the ages of 11 and 18 years old.

You can contact us via our email address: and one of our staff members will be in touch as soon as possible.


These terms and conditions, once signed, will remain in full force and effect until your child completes their programme with us or if they are voluntarily withdrawn by you, the parent or guardian, or excluded by us through authority granted to us by these terms and conditions.

Authority of Redwood Universal Limited

Redwood Universal Limited aims to help children discover their purpose through virtual, after-school and holiday programmes that focus on learning skills, STEM and general academics for secondary school students in Africa and the United Kingdom.

Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children behave appropriately. Any abusive, discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted by us under any circumstances.

By signing these terms and conditions, parents or guardians accept the authority of Redwood Universal Limited to deal with all disciplinary matters that may arise during the programme and further authorise the head of Redwood Universal Limited (or its appointed Tutor or Agent) to take such action as is reasonable and in the best interests of the child from time to time without undue interference.

Parents or guardians shall remain responsible for their child’s behaviour and shall assist their child in complying with our good behaviour policy. With our commitment to ensure every child studying our programme feels welcome and able to learn and thrive with us, we reserve the right to expel any child from the programme for inappropriate behaviour whether such behaviour is exhibited by the child and or their parent or guardian. Where necessary, we will work with the child and their parent or guardian before such action is taken.


Parents or guardians will be able to book a place for their child through our website by completing the enrolment form. Please ensure that accurate information is provided at all times to enable us to communicate effectively with you and your child. Following confirmation of a place for your child, parents or guardians agree and consent to us contacting the child directly to undertake the programme.

Payment of Programme Fees

Payment can be made by via debit or credit card online using Stripe as outlined on our website. Redwood Universal Limited does not accept payment by instalment, as such, programme fees must be paid in full before commencement of all learning programmes. Children who have submitted their booking form but have not paid their fees in full will not be allowed to start the programme.

Parents or guardians resident in the United Kingdom can make payment via bank transfer into our business account. The programme fee includes attendance at the training session, any specified course material, lunch and snacks, where applicable.

Account and Password

You and your child will be provided with a username and password and other necessary information to log in to access their programme once enrolment is complete. You are responsible for and must ensure that your child treats all such information as confidential and must not disclose such information to any third party under any circumstances. If you and/ or your child fail to keep the account and any passwords provided confidential, we reserve the right to disable your child’s account, username and password at any time and we shall hold you responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of your child breaching this term.
If you suspect or become aware that a third party has had access to your child’s account and password, kindly and promptly notify us at:

Cancellations and refunds

Following enrolment of your child, cancellations will only be accepted if we receive such notice within one (1) week prior to the date of the commencement of the programme. Cancellations will be subject to a 25% administration charge. No cancellations or refunds are allowed after the one (1) week period stated above. You shall receive no refunds for programmes enrolled in and paid for even if your child fails to attend the programme.

Change of attendee

A change of attendee will be permitted wherever possible, however, a new booking form must be completed and submitted to us for processing.

Programme Cancellation by Us

Redwood Universal Limited reserves the right to cancel any programme at any time due to technical glitches and /or any other eventualities beyond our control. In the unlikely event that a programme must be cancelled at short notice, all fees paid will be refunded in full. Redwood Universal Limited’s liability is limited to fees paid only and shall not accept any liability for expenses incurred by any student and/ or their parent or guardian by reason of the cancellation.
Redwood Universal Limited reserves the right to make changes to the programmes offered.

Programme Documentation

All presentations and programme documentation created and provided to your child shall remain the property of Redwood Universal Limited and subject to copyright law. Any right to use, copy or reproduce any part of the programme documentation, other than those granted to your child enrolled on the programme, is prohibited unless we have expressly provided consent to you. Students shall not copy licensed materials distributed for informational, educational or training purposes. Licensed materials shall include computer programmes and/or other licensed data (or databases) in machine-readable form, as well as their accompanying documentation.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

When you enrol your child with us, we will require you and your child to provide certain necessary information which is personal in nature such as, full name, address, date of birth and full contact details. As part of the enrolment, you and your child may be required to provide sensitive information such as your child’s health, religion, ethnic or racial origin which is classified as sensitive data. This information is referred to as personal data under data protection law. All personal and sensitive information provided to us by you shall be kept strictly confidential and securely stored.

We will process the information you provide to us for you and your child’s legitimate interest such as to enrol, register, teach and monitor your child’s academic performance and progress. We will also use such information to analyse other administrative purposes necessary for the proper management of the programmes and the welfare of your child and our Tutors.

From time to time, we may use such information to keep you or your child updated on other products, services and events offered by us. We shall not disclose any personal data provided to us to third parties unless required to do so by law.

You agree and consent for us to process you and your child’s personal information for the purposes and in the manner stated above. You have the right to refuse consent to this processing. To opt out please send an email to: with subject ‘Opt Out’. This does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website, amended from time to time, which provides further information about how we collect, use and disclose your information.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Every child is worthy of protection and Redwood Universal Limited is committed to ensuring that all children enrolled on our programmes are protected from any form of abuse and neglect. We consistently promote the welfare of children learning with us and we are happy that our Tutors also share in this commitment. We ensure our staff and Tutors receive the training, guidance and support they need to continue to always champion safeguarding your child. Our safeguarding policy outlines measures we have put in place to ensure effective safeguarding and we work closely with local authorities to seek advice and discuss concerns on safeguarding where necessary.

Marketing and Students’ Images

From time to time, we will engage in marketing our services to potential parents and students around the world. This may include taking pictures with your child and capturing their teaching and learning sessions on video, which will then be used for our digital, print media and publicity materials. Unless you expressly withhold permission, we may include images and videos of your child for marketing purposes.

We would be grateful for your consent and permission to take photos and videos of your child and use the same in our digital and print media and publicity materials.
You have the right to refuse consent to this processing. To opt out please send an email to: with subject ‘Opt Out’. This does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

Views and opinions

Our Tutors are consultants and provide services on independent contractor basis for the duration of the programmes they deliver. The views and opinions of programme Tutors or delegates are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Redwood Universal Limited.


The programme material provided by Redwood Universal Limited is for educational purposes only and cannot be used by or relied upon by individuals who are not students of our programmes. Neither Redwood Universal Limited nor its staff members or Tutors can accept responsibility for the actions of individuals accessing, interpreting or acting upon it for any purpose whatsoever. We do not accept responsibility or legal liability for any injury or loss as a result of relying on the programme material.

Policies and Procedures

Our various policies and procedures are available on our website for further review. If you require further assistance kindly contact us via email:


We hope that you will be happy with our services and our programmes. In the event that you have any complaints or queries regarding our programmes, website or generally want to contact us, kindly email us at:

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Please check this page regularly to take notice of any changes we have made as they remain binding on you and your child.